Setting up a Customer Experience Framework for a Telco start-up in India

The Client

Reliance is the largest independently owned company in India.  In 2014 Rachel worked with Reliance as part of a Dimensions Data Consultancy Team, leading the Customer Experience set-up for the India-wide Contact Centres.


The Challenge

Jio had already created structures and procedures for their new 4G Mobile launch across India.  They had factored the need for a Customer Experience strategy but there was no link between that strategy and the principles which guide the development of their customer services operation.  


The Solution

We took the Jio ‘personality’ of ‘endearingly simple’, ‘personal’ and ‘empowering’ and used this to help Jio create Customer Journey maps and realign their policies and procedures.


The Result

A structure, set of procedures and policies aligned around customer experience goals and established to give maximum empowerment to employees.